The Holy Pulpit Bible In Punjabi

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  • The Holy Pulpit Bible In Punjabi.
  • Punjabi New Edition Bible.
  • Pulpit Big Size Bible Punjabi.
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The Bible is translated into the Punjabi anguage, making it accessible to Malayalam-speaking Christians. A Pulpit Bible is usually larger and more ornate than a standard-sized Bible. It is designed to be displayed on a lectern or pulpit and is often quite decorative, with features like gilded pages and an elegant cover. Pulpit Bibles typically do not include extensive study notes, commentary, or supplemental material. They focus on the biblical text itself. A Pulpit Bible in Punjabi is intended for use by clergy during religious services, sermons, and public readings within a church or religious congregation.: Like any standard Bible, this edition includes verse and chapter numbers for reference. God Blessing Words Bible Easy To Read In This Punjabi Bible.

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