The Holy Bible In Tamil |Classic Plus |Red Latter Edition |Black Color Bound

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  • Classic Plus Bible In Tamil.
  • Red Latter Edition.
  • Tamil Bible In Black Color Bound.
  • Tamil New Edition Bible.
  • Tamil Golden Edges Bible.
  • In This Bible Letters Are Big

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  1. Translation: This edition is translated into the Tamil language, making it accessible to Tamil-speaking communities around the world.
  2. Classic Plus Edition: The term “Classic Plus” likely indicates that this edition maintains the traditional wording and structure of the Bible while possibly incorporating some modern language for better comprehension.
  3. Red Letter Edition: In many Bibles, the words of Jesus Christ are printed in red text to distinguish them from the rest of the text. This feature is particularly useful for readers who want to quickly identify the words spoken by Jesus.
  4. Additional Features: Depending on the specific edition, there might be additional features such as introductions to each book of the Bible, footnotes explaining certain passages, cross-references, maps, and illustrations to aid in understanding and contextualizing the text.
  5. Quality: The term “Plus” could also suggest enhanced quality in terms of paper, binding, or additional content compared to a standard edition.

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