The Holy Bible In Tamil |Black Color Bound| Tamil Bible with Thumb Index|Hard Cover

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  • Tamil Bible with Thumb Index

  • Tamil Bible In Black Color Hard Bound

  • Tamil New Edition Bible.

  • Tamil Golden Edges Bible.

  • In This Bible Letters Are Big

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  1. Complete Scripture: This edition contains the entirety of the Bible, comprising both the Old and New Testaments, ensuring comprehensive access to the sacred texts.
  2. Precise Translation: The translation into Tamil is meticulously crafted to accurately convey the original meanings and nuances of the biblical passages, facilitating deeper understanding and engagement.
  3. Sturdy Hardcover: The hardcover design, bound in black color, provides robust protection for the pages within, safeguarding the sacred text from wear and tear, ensuring its longevity for years to come.
  4. Clear Typeface: The text is printed in a clear and legible font, enhancing readability and comprehension, making it suitable for readers of all ages and backgrounds.
  5. Thumb Index (if applicable): Some editions may feature a thumb index, allowing for convenient navigation through the different books and sections of the Bible, enabling quick access to specific passages.
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