The Holy Bible In Hindi |Crown Black Color Bound |Golden Edge Bible |Hindi Compact Size Bible

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  • Hindi Crown Vinyi Black Bible.
  • Hindi New Edition Bible.
  • Hindi Golden Edges Bible.
  • Hindi Compact Vinyl Size Bible.
  • In This Bible Letter Are Big

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  • Translation: The Bible is translated into Hindi, making it accessible and comprehensible for Hindi-speaking readers who seek to engage with the scriptures in their native language.
  • Crown Edition: The term “Crown” might denote a particular edition or style of the Bible, possibly indicating its popularity or prominence among Hindi-speaking communities.
  • Crown Black Color: The use of a crown Black color likely adds to the visual appeal of the Bible’s cover, giving it a regal and dignified appearance.
  • Golden Edge: The pages of this Bible are adorned with a golden edge, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to its appearance. Golden edges not only enhance the visual appeal of the book but also signify its quality and craftsmanship.
  • Compact Size: Being compact in size, this edition is easy to carry and handle, making it convenient for travel, daily use, or on-the-go reading. Despite its smaller dimensions, it contains the complete text of the Bible, ensuring that readers have access to the scriptures wherever they are.
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