Small Hindi Korean Printed Bible Thumb Index With Zip

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  • Small Hindi Korean Printed Bible Thumb Index With Zip
  • New Hindi Edition Bible.
  • Hindi Golden Edge Bible.
  • The Bible is divided into chapters and verses.
  • Hindi Thumb Index Bible.

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A small Hindi Korean printed Bible with thumb index and a zip cover is a specialized edition that is designed to be portable and convenient for individuals who want easy access to specific passages in the Bible. Here is a general description of such a Bible:

1. Size: The Bible is compact in size, making it easy to carry in a purse, pocket, or backpack.

2. Hindi-Korean Text: It contains the text of the Bible in both Hindi and Korean. The parallel presentation of both languages allows readers to compare and study the text in both languages.

3. Thumb Index: The thumb index is a set of tabs on the sides of the pages, each labeled with a letter, number, or book name. This feature allows readers to quickly navigate to specific books or sections of the Bible.

4. Zip Cover: The zip cover is a protective feature that keeps the Bible secure and helps protect it from wear and tear. It also prevents pages from getting damaged or folded.

5. Quality Paper: The pages are typically printed on high-quality paper to ensure readability and durability.

6. Cross-References and Footnotes: Some editions may include cross-references or footnotes to help readers understand the text better and provide additional context.

7. Maps and Illustrations: Certain editions may include maps, illustrations, and charts to aid in understanding the geography and historical context of the Bible.

8. Study Aids: Some small Bibles may include basic study aids, such as an introduction to each book, summaries, and a glossary of terms.

9. Binding: The binding may vary, but it’s often durable to ensure that the Bible can withstand frequent use.


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