Small Hindi Korean Printed Bible Thumb Index

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  • Small Hindi Korean Printed Bible Thumb Index
  • New Hindi Edition Bible.
  • Hindi Golden Edge Bible.
  • The Bible is divided into chapters and verses.
  • Hindi Thumb Index Bible.

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Here is a general description of what you might find in a Hindi Bible:
  1. Translation: There are different translations of the Bible into Hindi. The most common Hindi Bible translations include the “Hindi Holy Bible” and the “Hindi O.V. (Old Version) Bible.”
  2. Contents: A Hindi Bible includes the Old Testament, which contains books like Genesis, Exodus, Psalms, Isaiah, and many others. It also includes the New Testament, with books like Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and the letters of Paul, among others.
  3. Chapters and Verses: The Bible is organized into chapters and verses, allowing readers to easily reference and locate specific passages.
  4. Introduction: Some editions of the Hindi Bible include an introduction that provides historical and contextual information about the Bible and its contents.
  5. The Bible is divided into chapters and verses to facilitate referencing and study. Each verse is identified by a specific chapter and verse number.
  6. Cross headings: Many Bibles have cross headings to help readers navigate and understand the text more easily.
  7. Quality and Binding: Hindi Bibles come in various physical formats, including hardcover, softcover, leather-bound The Bible is divided into chapters and verses .

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