KJV Thompson Chain-Reference Bible New Edition Golden Bound

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  • KJV Thompson Chain-Reference Bible New Edition Golden Bound.
  • English New Edition Bible.
  • Based on the King James Version (KJV)
  • New English Golden Edge Bible.
  • In This Bible letter Are Big

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  • KJV (King James Version): This indicates that the Bible is based on the King James Version, which is one of the most widely used and revered English translations of the Bible.

  • Thompson Chain-Reference Bible: The Thompson Chain-Reference Bible is known for its unique system of cross-references and chain topics that help readers explore various themes and topics throughout the Bible.

  • New Edition: This suggests that the Bible you’re referring to is an updated version or edition of the Thompson Chain-Reference Bible, featuring revisions, improvements, or updated content.

  • Golden Bound: “Golden bound” typically indicates that the cover or binding of this edition is adorned with gold. This can be in the form of gold lettering, gold leafing, or some other decorative gold elements. A “golden bound” Bible often signifies a more luxurious or decorative presentation compared to standard bindings.

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