Holy Fabric Communion Cub Pack of 10


  • Holy Fabric Communion Cub.
  • These fabrics are typically made of high-quality materials.
  • Good And Best Quality Cub.
  • It is used to hold the consecrated Juice.


The Holy Communion Cup, also known as the chalice, is a sacred vessel used in Christian religious ceremonies, particularly during the Eucharist or Holy Communion. It is typically made of precious metals such as gold, silver, or other ornate materials. The cup is designed with intricate craftsmanship and often features religious symbolism. It is used to hold the consecrated wine, symbolizing the blood of Christ, during the Communion service. The chalice plays a central role in the Christian sacrament, as it is through it that the faithful partake in the body and blood of Christ, as per their beliefs.p

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